Facility Rules:

  • Report all conflicts and safety concerns to the staff.
  • No "IN & OUT" privileges or loitering around the building.
  • No outside food and beverages, this includes sports bottles.
  • Skates may not to be worn into, or out of, the building.
  • No offensive language or gestures are acceptable.
  • ONLY adults accompanying minors may enter as a spectators at no charge.
  • No HATS, HEADGEAR or SUNGLASSES may not be worn while roller skating.
  • No TEXTING while roller skating.
  • No JUMPING, FAST or RECKLESS skating, WEAVING, ZIG ZAGGING, or PRACTICING ROLLER DERBY moves through traffic during session.
  • No PUSHING, SHOVING, RACING, or PLAYING TAG on the skating floor or in the building.
  • Please KEEP MOVING on the skating floor at all times.  
  • No STANDING along the walls.
  • Do not CARRY anyone while you are wearing skates.
  • No SITTING on or JUMPING over the walls.
  • No GUM in the building.
  • You must wear skates to be on the skating floor unless you have permission from the Rink Manager.
  • No alcoholic beverages/drugs or anyone under the influence, will be allowed in the building.
  • We are a "Skate At Your Own Risk" Facility.
  • Smile!
Thank you for your cooperation.


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